Our ambition at PANA Holdings is to become recognized as a sustainability leader within and beyond the Oil and Gas industry.

We have positioned ourselves to better understand and predict our stakeholder’s needs and play our role by integrating innovative technologies and forming partnerships that provide solutions for sustainability. Sustainability is not just an opportunity but a genuine mission for PANA Holdings to represent a model of excellence in the world, by adopting an innovative approach to business that can respond to global challenges.

We have decided to structure our sustainability path to create value in the long term, hence our drive to ensure sustained growth, customer confidence, human capacity development, profitability via innovation, and environmentally friendly technologies. We are also committed to the protection of the environment and ecosystem while adding our share to the fight against climate change.

PANA Holdings is committed to the socioeconomic development of the macro community while maintaining the resources of the host communities. We believe diversity and inclusion are added value to the company.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Agenda 2030 guide are the foundation of our sustainable business strategies. Respect for Human and Labor Rights, Health, Safety, and Security are values that we promote, and ensure that our stakeholders endorse the same to partner with us.