Strengthening Bilateral Ties: PANA Holdings Chairman Visits Angola Embassy’s Counsellor in Nigeria

In a proactive move to enhance diplomatic relations and explore potential collaborations, the Chairman of PANA Holdings, Mr. Daere Akobo, recently paid a visit to the Counsellor of the Angola Embassy in Nigeria, NP Kafixiri. This significant meeting took place at the Angola Embassy in Abuja Nigeria, and it marked a pivotal step towards fostering stronger ties between PANA Holdings and the Angolan government.

During the meeting, Mr. Akobo extended his warm greetings and expressed his admiration for the longstanding relationship between Nigeria and Angola. He highlighted the shared values and economic interests that could serve as a foundation for deeper cooperation between PANA Holdings and the Angolan Embassy.

The discussion revolved around mutual areas of interest, including trade, investment, and technological exchange. Mr. Akobo emphasized PANA Holdings’ commitment to contributing to Angola’s economic growth by leveraging its expertise in growth within the energy, power, and digitization sectors. With subsidiaries like PE Energy Ltd, Synergy E&P, and AKD DIGITAL operating in Nigeria, thereby creating a win-win situation for both nations.

He also shared insights into PANA Holdings’ global initiatives, innovative projects, and commitment to sustainable development. The Counsellor of the Angola Embassy praised PANA Holdings’ reputation for excellence and expressed Angola’s eagerness to explore potential collaborations that align with their national development goals.

Mr. Akobo and Mr. Kafixiri expressed optimism about the future of bilateral relations and agreed to establish a joint working group to outline actionable steps for collaboration.

This meeting signifies a commitment to diplomacy, collaboration, and shared growth. As both entities continue to explore avenues of cooperation, it is anticipated that this interaction will lay the foundation for fruitful partnerships that transcend borders and contribute to the advancement of both Nigeria and Angola.

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