PANA Holdings Engages in Productive Discussions with Swedish Ambassador Annika Hahn-Englund

PANA Holdings, represented by its GCEO Mr. Daere Afonya-a Akobo and his team, had the honor of being hosted by Her Excellency Annika Hahn-Englund, the esteemed Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, accompanied by Mr. Fredrik Åhsberg, Head of Political, Promotion, and Trade at the Swedish Embassy, alongside our Swedish partners.

This significant meeting was orchestrated to strengthen the existing bilateral ties between our organizations, fostering collaborative business ventures aimed at advancing socio-economic growth in Nigeria while opening new economic horizons for both PANA Holdings and our esteemed Swedish counterparts. The discussions centered on leveraging synergies between our entities, exploring avenues for mutually beneficial partnerships, and identifying strategic initiatives aligned with our shared goals. The visit was marked by a spirit of mutual respect and a shared vision for driving sustainable economic development in both Nigeria and Sweden.

PANA Holdings remains optimistic about the potential of these collaborations to not only bolster our company’s growth but also contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic landscape of Nigeria. We are committed to nurturing these relationships, fostering a climate of collaboration and shared success.

As we move forward, our dedication to fostering these partnerships remains unwavering. PANA Holdings is poised to contribute significantly to the prosperity of both nations, working diligently to bring our shared vision to fruition.

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