We are a business platform of unmatched enterprise

PANA Holdings is a business platform that has set sail to become a reference point of unmatched enterprise standards.

What sets us apart at PANA Holdings is that “we dream with a deadline” and we strive to bring to life the difference between a business mindset and the mindset of entrepreneurship. To this end, we combine the multifaceted skills of our international executive team and deliver innovative solutions bearing our seal of excellence.

Oil & gas

PANA Holdings focuses on the Energy which includes Petroleum especially in Upstream and Mid-stream


PANA Holdings has strong interest in the exploration technology used in Mining Data and Intergration


Our key activities focuses on the use of various Metering , instrumentation and Measurement Solutions for Power Sector

Process Industries

We provide solution for the processing of bulk resources into i.e Food and Beverage, Mineral Processing, Water, etc

Industrial Real Estate

We are currently involved in the development of Large Scale Industrial Park in Southern Nigeria


We are rapidly developing an international presence and a growing reputation in the Agriculture and Agro-Processing


Investing with due diligence

We place great importance in the conduct of proper due diligence and we spare no efforts in making sure that our investments are observing highest compliance requirements in terms of regulatory, legal and fiscal.


Responsibility towards our communities and the environment

At PANA Holdings we place great importance on our Social Corporate Responsibility and we do not regard it simply as just another business model or as “window-dressing”.

Our Portfolio Companies